Research Positions

I am fortunate to be advised by Joe Kileel, with whom I am working on problems related to low rank tensor approximation. This summer I am investigating the use of tensor decompositions to detect climate events at Sandia National Lab under the guidance of Eric Phipps .
During my master’s degree I worked with Edgar Solomonik on theoretical and numerical aspects of the tensor eigenpair problem, and with Harley Johnson on computational electronic structure.
As an undergraduate I researched multiple phenomena related to nonequilibrium plasmas including plasma-liquid simulations with David Go and plasma jets with Scott Walton. I also spent one summer with a (chance) position in a nuclear physics laboratory, which is how I got into research.

  • May 2024 - present: Computer Science Research Institute, Eric Phipps, Sandia National Laboratory
  • August 2022 - present: Applied Mathematics Group, Joe Kileel, UT Austin
  • March 2021 - August 2022: Labaratory for Parallel Numerical Algorithms, Edgar Solomonik, UIUC
  • July 2020 - May 2022: Harley T. Johnson Group, UIUC
  • Fall 2017 - Spring 2020: Go Lab, University of Notre Dame
  • Summer 2019: Naval Research Lab (Plasma Physics Division), Washington D.C.
  • Summer 2017: Nuclear Science Laboratory, University of Notre Dame

Personal Research Projects

Write ups of my thoughts and efforts on various problems both inside and outside my research field (and of varying degrees of originality and complexity) can be found among my posts.

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